Monday, December 06, 2010

carol of the bells

just makes you want to sing it, eh?  LOL

tonight is a list night.
{#26} walked 5k tonight.  yeah, my exercise motivation has been nil.  nada.  zero.  so in a lovely -12 degrees celsius, we strapped on our shoes and toques and hit the pavement.  and it felt really good.  to walk and to spend time chatting with my walking buddy!

{#27} story time has been really good with the kids - for as much as they didn't really want to do this with me, we are enjoying the few minutes reading together.  and I am enjoying teaching the boys about advent [filling the calendar with candy totally helps!]

and honestly, that may be the end of my list today.  I was so exhausted all day that it was seriously a coffee driven, auto-pilot day.  monday's are allowed to be blah, aren't they?  that and my kids are being rather awful and I am too tired to deal.  it's good to know, as always, that tomorrow is a new day - fresh with no mistake in it.  I'll chalk that up to {joy #28}

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