Thursday, December 30, 2010

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I so enjoy the first listen of a new cd.  I've been fairly familiar with mumford & sons via their two hits - little lion man and the cave - but thanks to an itunes gift card, I bought the whole cd.  this is my first listen, as I type.  so far, so good.  I'll keep you posted.  a new cd becomes like a new friend - lots to get to know and fun to hang around with every waking moment!!  mumford & sons, I like you as my new bestie.  but just remember, no one will replace brandon flowers as my true best friend!  {#97}

I fear that sickness is going through our house.  the kids have been more cranky and lazy than normal.  ty's got a nasty cough.  he was feverish last night but seemed to kick it.  and now I am an achy mess [okay, that started last night and I went to bed at 830!].  head ache.  stomach ache.  blah.  so, plans got cancelled and we're staying home.  plus, bugs bunny and tweety bird are on teletoons retro.  ha!!

but, I have a new book in hand.  found it for 40% off yesterday.  woohoo!  only to realize that I hadn't finished the prior book - lots of reading to do.  I *heart* patricia cornwell.  almost as much as kathy reichs!  I have decided to spend tomorrow taking down christmas and cleaning the house.  so today I can sit, rest, read, drink lots of water and watch yesterday's ace of cakes marathon that I pvr'ed.  SWEET! {#98}

and this last picture is a gift that I got from john for christmas.  I am trying to create a little "something-something" for my one word 2011 reveal on new years day.  only the pen is all dried out.  sheesh.  oh well, good thing michael's is open.  I'll just get a new one!

so this joy project has done something unexpected for me.  it's prompted me to slow down this season.  to be intentional.  to search.  to pursue.  have I done this with any finesse?  no.  but have I ended this month in a better place than I started it?  I'd like to think so.  if anything, I've come out of the other end of december having slowed down.  having enjoyed the anticipation of the season.  having spent a little less. having consumed less.  having spent more time with my kids.  more time at home [even with a trip to vegas in there!].  and more prepared for the uncertainty that the new year is bringing.  and for all of this I am not filled with regret or the post-holiday blues, but with joy.  a deep, unexplainable joy.  I like that.  {#99}

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