Tuesday, December 28, 2010

winter winds

irony.  it's a crazy thing, looking back.  and although I didn't write these words trying to be arrogant, knowing now what my year turned out to be, I'm thinking now they kinda were.  and now I'm in a bind.  I like the idea of choosing a word that will set the tone for the new year but how do I choose one that isn't so lofty?  I am currently liking the word NORMAL.  ha!  or BORING.  but I need a word that lights the way through the next year, but also takes the focus off of me and what I can or can't do.  maybe a word like GRACE or MERCY.  not at all about me, but what's been done for me.  I am going to do some thinking on this - see what comes to my mind over the next few days.  I'll unveil the big word on saturday.  or sunday.  ha!


kicking the boys outside yesterday afternoon was the best thing I had done all day yesterday!  the snow was deep and cold, but it wore them out a bit!  and then I did my walk last night - felt like 5k, but who knows.  apparently no one was keeping track!  when I got home, I made myself some sweet potato fries. super yummy and healthier than the hershey's kisses that I also ate!  ahhh.  the transition to healthy eating does come with some bumps in the road.  but this morning, a much better start.  super healthy, protein-filled, yummy pancakes.  I may be expecting too much with my mini-detox, but maybe that's a good thing!  so I'll count that as {#96}!

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