Friday, December 10, 2010

the first noel

sarah blogged today about simplistic joy - which is kinda funny/ironic, considering what I was thinking about this morning, on the way to work.  I wrote earlier this week about a thankful heart looking like a joy-filled heart so I'm thinking more today about the things I am thankful for, so I am attributing these to my {joy} list, but officially calling it my "I'm thankful for it" list!!

{#40} air miles - see the picture below?  the answer to the question is what I have to pay my dad for the flight.  I am thankful that my dad was able to make this happen for me - considering the late notice!

{#41} the car wash.  I never wash my car enough.  it always rains when I do.  and to be honest, all winter long I park on the road and it would just freeze.  freeze completely shut.  ask me how I know...LOL.  anyways, not that long ago, on a random saturday, I got a text from john saying that he had cleaned out the garage.  he had made some space for my car.  so, yesterday on my way home from picking up the kids, we went to the car wash.  because for the first time, I have a place to park it after it's been washed.  this morning, nothing was frozen.  

{#42} the natester.  my kids drove me nuts last night, and because of that I need to be thankful and joy-filled because of who they are, not what they do.  he came and gave me a hug last night and told me he loved me.  and then he went to bed with no problems.  nate is a kind, caring, sensitive boy and I am so thankful that he is my first born.

{#43} the big t.  so fierce.  so passionate.  so independent.  he can be so incredibly awful with his mouth when he's angry and frustrated and I know that two seconds later he will fake an injury so he can come for a hug and some cuddles without losing face.  ty brings so much joy to our lives and I am incredibly lucky to be his mom.

{#44} this damn plate of eggs.  okay, the picture does it no justice.  and I thought I was doing something good for myself.  I made a frittata - I sauteed some onions, added an egg and some egg whites and some laughing cow cheese on top.  like three points, max.  then I baked it in the oven, threw some salsa and sour cream on it and ate it for dinner.  well, turns out there were too many onions.  serious stomach issues.  I couldn't get up off the couch at one point.  not good at all.  HOWEVER, it meant that I was in bed by 830.  and this was a good, good thing.  so even if the egg event was potentially nasty, I am thankful that it happened so that I could get a really long, good nights sleep.  'cause I needed that!

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