Tuesday, December 14, 2010

hark the herald

so, it's tuesday.  blah.  no seriously, I usually enjoy mondays - back into the routine from the weekends.  and I love wednesdays because my day is tossed up with a bunch of quirky scheduling.  but tuesdays?  I could care less for them.  it could be because I have a double block of language arts with one group of kids that drive me crazy...HA!

anyways, as I was driving into work today, I decided that today may be an opportunity to look for joy in mundane.  those everyday tasks.  on the days that don't thrill me.  if I say that joy is a state of heart, not just a reflection of external events, then really, there is joy to be found - even on a tuesday.  a tuesday that is currently sunny, but threating to dump 10 cm of snow.

my goal is to finish up this blog post tonight - and see where joy lies, if even in the mundane.

1 comment:

Sarah Markley said...

i could kinda are less for tuesdays too.

i LOVE your "reclaim christmas" over there in the sidebar.

YES! let's take it back from whereever it's gone. =)