Saturday, December 04, 2010

joy to the world

well, I survived the first of two busy-crazy-insane weekend days.  and I actually did more than just survive it, I enjoyed it.  due to my picture issues, I'm going to work backwards!  I had my stamp-a-stack this afternoon.  it was the biggest one I've ever hosted - 20 ladies came!  CRAZY!  everyone brought a snack to share and a willingness to try new things and it was a wonderful four hours!  {#16}  these are the cards we made - at least I remembered to take pictures of these!!  the only real complain that I got was that I didn't make any mulled cider and here I thought that no one really liked it!!  I was told that it would go well for me if I ensured that I had some next year!  good times!

 {the snowflake card}

{the ornament card}

{the snowman card - my personal favourite out of the bunch!}

 {gift tags}

{the gift card/christmas tree card}

and this morning, we carried on a tried and true tradition of going to my cousin's house to decorate gingerbread houses {#17}.  we've been doing this since the kids were super little and for the first time, they were old enough to do most everything on their own.  katherine makes houses for each of the kids and a baggie of seriously good icing and they just go to town!  I truly believe that the extended family is good for kids - they surround our core nucleus with something greater than what john and I can give.  it's that second layer of love, support and encouragement that we treasure.  {#18}  although there is never enough time and never a good time, the time we do spend with my extended family, especially around christmas, is super special [and we get a whole lot more of it tomorrow with our "huising family christmas" celebration!].  ty is already talking about getting to play with josh & hudson tomorrow [josh & hudson are my cousin's kids...].

and we started our day off with a trip to the soccer centre to watch nate play indoor soccer.  ty and I were super late, but we caught the second half.  and we lost, but nate played well and his little u-8 team is fun to cheer for!!  {#19}

and then I think I'll bounce back to the end of my day - I have been trying to read a kid-version of the nativity story to the boys every night.  the whole advent calendar hasn't really been making a huge connection, but this little chapter book seems to have captured their attention.  anyways, the part of the story we read today was based on mary and elizabeth and mary's song.  it comes to mind now when I reflect on my day and on the joy it brought. {#20}

“my soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior...for the Mighty One has done great things for me—holy is his name."  {luke 1:46, 47 & 49} 

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