Thursday, December 16, 2010

up on the housetop

well, I only got stuck twice today - okay, three times if you count the driveway.  first time, no surprise, was at school.  got pushed out.  the second time was in front of connie's house.  got pushed out.  {#67} and in this town, although getting stuck on side streets is pretty typical; getting help is unfortunately rare. alas, two for two was really kind and an answer to my biggest prayer in this weather:  "God, if I happen to get stuck, please have someone stop and help me!" {#68}

then there was the driveway.  not enough leverage to get up and into the garage.  LOL  well, after some help shovelling [small children] and some melting salt, I made it in.  then we went to the mailbox.  ha!  this is a picture of the boys avoiding the camera.  and running in two feet of snow {#69}.  I am amazed that they kept their balance!

see how deep it is?  crazy.  then, it was pyjama pants on, and a super tired mom who really didn't want to make supper.  so some pasta with cheese for the big ty [with a side of sweet pickles].  he sat and ate the entire bowl...of pickles and most of the pasta!  {#70}

nate, in clown face [they had a winter carnival at school today], ate meat and cheese.  easy peasy.  sometimes my kids are easy to please.  this makes my heart grateful.  {#71}

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