Sunday, December 12, 2010

o christmas tree

I've been finding christmas decoration modifications all around the house.  this one made me laugh so hard.  an old [like we're talking 10+ years] starbucks bear/magnet/snowman was attached to ty's stocking holder!!  {#47}

this picture is hard to see - I couldn't get a good one [we're in picture avoidance mode], but ty made himself lunch today.  he asked for two pieces of cheese and two pieces of bread.  he slapped them together with crackers in the middle and proceeded to eat the whole thing up!  so much independence...even more than his brother.  {#48}

new furniture arrangements...moved the couch and chair.  I like it.  the kids don't.  shocking, I know.  I spent most of yesterday lazing around on the couch.  then, out of the blue, I smelled a foul smell.  like something was burning.  oh yes.  the top third of the tree was in the process of having its lights go ka-put.  just glad I was home to smell it!  so, it's now disconnected and looks like a wonky tree with the bottom two-thirds happily lit, and the top?  not so much so!  {#49}

the view from my back window yesterday - love the sun.  love the sun setting and the colours it creates on the snow!  {#50}  the days are getting shorter, for one more week and it's gotten pretty snowy and cold the last few days.  but I am so glad that the sun shines regardless of the cold.

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