Monday, December 27, 2010

in the bleak mid-winter

ahhhh.  christmas vacation.  one more week to do all the things I need to get done!  like take down christmas [that's next weekend's project!].  yesterday, we had a stay-home day.  the boys and I stayed in our pjs until almost 4 pm!  they hadn't had a chance to play with their new toys, so I took the opportunity to SORT!  I took all their bins and we organized everything.  and they helped.  after two huge recycling bags full and one garbage bag of toy give-aways, we have bins all sorted.  {#91}

there is a vehicles bin, a figures bin, a sporting bin, a race track bin, a lego bin and a playmobile bin.  and each boy cleaned out their treasure bins and put new treasures inside.  ty is a real collector of treasures, so his bin is full of marbles, silly bands, magnets, little flashing lights and other odd collectibles!  but, it's organized.  and what a good way to spend boxing day - in pjs, watching despicable me and teaching the kids some organizational skills!  {#92}

and then a couple of other things that have started me thinking [or re-thinking!].  this lovely chocolate letter from my mom - which was totally delish - has officially ended the christmas food binge.  I am on a mini-detox this week, a week ahead of the new year.  {#93}

because although she bought all of us chocolate letters - it's tradition in my family - she also bought me this lovely cookbook.  I am going to get my arse out of bed this morning [soon!] and go buy some groceries so that my kitchen is full of clean, healthy foods.  and then I am going to try my hand at making some pumpkin applesauce muffins!  {#94}

and it's my goal this week to get to #99 by thursday and make my #100 be a new years eve thankfulness list.  although 2010 was an extremely difficult year, there are many, many things that I can be thankful for and I think that will be my 100th joy.  end 2010 and begin 2011 on the right foot.  in a place of joy and with a thankful heart.

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