Monday, December 13, 2010

we three kings

walked 4k tonight.  and it was lovely.  the night was clear, not too cold.  and it felt good to get some kilometres on my shoes.  {#51}  didn't get any pics, but that's what happens when I turn my phone off and throw it in my back pouch!

and then I went to the mall.  I've been avoiding the mall at all costs, for a number of reasons.  first, it's the biggest mall evah.  second, because it's the biggest mall, it's awful at this time of year.  no seriously.  and really, I'm talking about the parking lot not even the crazy that is inside the actual building!  and third, I'm leaving for vegas on sunday and am planning to do all my shopping there.  but tonight I got smart - I went at around 8pm when I knew that it would be fairly empty-ish.  and I was right.  and I bought the two things I needed to buy for my secret santa at school AND I did my wee exchange at old navy.  it's all good!  {#52}

and hey, only four more teaching days until christmas break  {#53}  and only six more sleeps until I am on a plane to vegas.  {#54}

so much to do this week, but I am feeling energized.  and this is a good, good thing!

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susan said...

Hey I was there at the same time!!

I am still having Vegas envy. :-(