Thursday, December 23, 2010

father christmas

I don't usually blog this early in the day, but today is a bit different.  I am home.  {#83} and we had a sleep in day which resulted in fun, happy, excited little boys. {#84}

the two of them hopped into bed with me this morning and we had some snuggle/tickle/cuddle time. and we slept until almost 10 am.  UNHEARD OF!  and this morning, they have been playing so nicely, watching christmas cartoons, helping me wrap their cousin's presents and just being pleasant to be in the same room as.  okay, kinda.  {#85}

and the sun is shining.  after four days of solid rain in vegas, I am happy to be back in alberta where the sun almost always shines.  yes, it is cold.  yes, it is snowy.  but the sun makes me happy.  {#86}

above all, there are only two more sleeps until christmas.  and some pretty excited little boys.  good times.

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