Wednesday, December 01, 2010

joy and pain

...sunshine and rain.  oh so retro late 80's!

so I found a bunch of lovely bits of joy today, in a day filled with much more than just one or two [which was the low number I had anticipated!!].  I had a kid own up to some serious stuff today in a way that was mature and lovely.  I had a kid text me to ask if I was feeling better.  I had another kid turn a pretty bad attitude around into something that was kind and respectful.  and the sun was shining!  so, I took a picture of my sun-filled, christmas-light-adorned classroom to represent the joy I found at work today {#1-4}

and we have our small group coming over tomorrow night for a christmas potluck.  so in preparation for this, I have a turkey in the oven.  I am pre-cooking it so that others can use the oven tomorrow!  plus, my mom does this every year for christmas and swears that her turkeys taste better!  I'll cook it, chill it, and slice it tomorrow!  it's a bit of joy as prepping for company makes me happy - it gives me joy to host this event every year.  and more importantly, an opportunity to share that joy with the giving and sharing of my home. {#5}

and joy in the two moments I had alone to run some errands - to the drug store and for a coffee.  and plus, even for all you starbucks haters, they were donating $0.05 per cup to the global fund to help fight aids in africa.  plus, with their 12 days of christmas, for every time you watch the new killer's single {boots} they also donate...I like this.  go, go watch it!!  I adore brandon flowers!!  {#6}

and last, but not least, {#7}.  baklava.  the best I've ever had in my life.  it melted in my mouth.  sigh.

what joy did you find today?  join the joy movement!!


Anonymous said...

.05 on a $4 cup of coffee. wow. blow me down. :)~

cori fraser said...

LOL it was a damn good cup of coffee!!