Friday, December 03, 2010

joy ride

so, didn't get a chance to blog yesterday.  for starters, I left my computer at school yesterday and secondly, we had a houseful over for dinner last night {#8}.  we had our small group christmas potluck last night - what a wonderful time!  didn't take any pictures, but our first house wrecker was a joyous occasion.  the turkey was a hit {#9}, I learned how to make gravy from scratch - the real way {#10} and I had great fun with andrea, cooking and prepping and serving {#11}!!  and then, after everyone left, brenda stayed and hung out with the kids & I while we cleaned up {#12}.  although I was pretty shattered today, it was a good day!

today was good too!  the kids let me go downstairs and prep for my stamp-a-stack tomorrow.  I put the christmas music on and now everything is done and ready to go!

one of my cards from the other night that is the inspiration for a card that we're doing tomorrow!  {#13}

christmas music playing - the first listen through on my bebe winans' cd - christmas prayer!  {#14}

and all my supplies packaged and getting ready to be packed up {#15}.  we have an early start to the day tomorrow with a ton of stops and things, so I am praying that I will be less focused on being stressed by the clock and the kids and joy-filled as we go to soccer, to my cousin's to make gingerbread houses, to my card extravaganza and to the christmas open house we may or may not make it to!  what did you do today that was a joy ride?

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