Tuesday, December 14, 2010

hark the herald pt 2

okay, so I had to look hard today.  it was a rough, rough day.  kids [at school!] are wired.  big time.  I spent so much time just getting kids to follow the basic rules - like stay outside until the bell rings, clear the hallways - good stuff like that.  I get that the kids at my school face some serious challenges and that christmas can be so incredibly stressful for so many kids.  I just did not like having to be the bad guy all day.  it just wears me down.  needless to say, I was happy to see my own kids today {#55}  and I managed to negotiate through the snowstorm and kids who swore they could only smell burger king, got them dinner and got them home.  without too much whining.  {#56}  and john came home early and emptied the dishwasher. {#57}

and I have a box of stuff packed up for school tomorrow - buns for the staff potluck, wrapping paper to decorate our door for the door decorating contest, cards to be assembled, secret santa gifts... {#58}

and although most kids at school were some sort of crazy, my own kids were wonderful.  this morning, only seven out of fourteen were there.  they worked hard and were quiet.  so this afternoon, as they were working, I had a coffee and a chocolate and just savoured them.  and the silence.  {#59}

and although the shine quickly fell off the wee halos of my small children, john has put them to bed [or is trying] and knew I needed a time out.  so I made some special red juice and am watching ncis on my pvr.  sigh.  {#60}  plus he gave me an hour or so [while the kids were in the bath!] to go into my crafting space and make some cards for school.

I could probably continue...a lovely gift basket from some of my students, a thoughtful secret santa gift, I got my plan book filled out for the first week in january, wrote a student teacher evaluation and I got amalgamated term one report cards uploaded to pinpoint.  doesn't matter to anyone but me, but it got done today.  the first time.  mundane things, but I am joyful and thankful that I have such a wonderful job with wonderful colleagues that I can have a rough day and I am loved and cared for.  at home and at work.  {#61}

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