Sunday, December 05, 2010

joy to the world pt 2

so, today we celebrated JOY as part of advent.  the songs, the sermon...all joy.  there was a verse in matthew that dean sited - matthew 2:10

"When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy."

and it made me think about the whole concept of joy.  and although it may seem like I'm rehashing the entire sermon today, really it was all up there in my head prior to stepping foot in church this morning!!  joy is internal.  it's a state of being.  a characteristic of God.  it's not moved by circumstances.  joy is not happiness.

I remember having this conversation with my dad a number of years ago.  it was about what kinds of things could wreck you as an individual and completely decimate your faith.  I was saying to him that I really didn't believe that his faith/joy/love could be wrecked beyond repair - and I could say that boldly, knowing my dad and the example he has set for me. maybe naively so, my thing was that really nothing destroy me as a human being and completely destroy my faith [and I would subsequently say my joy?] and my dad was saying that perhaps it could be shaken, but not shattered.  [and we were being morbid - talking about losing a spouse, a child, sickness, etc.]

now in all fairness, I've never had to go through that kind of suffering.  most of my suffering is self-induced.  has my joy wavered?  yeah.  my dad however, yeah he was busy praising God even when he was in the middle of his major heart event.  drugged up and barely able to hold his head up, he was still thanking God.  his joy was intact.  I'm not there yet.  and that's okay.  I'm learning.

I also know that sometimes behaviour has to change before attitudes do [good old educational change theory!].  and my grumpy, icky attitude is beginning to change as I begin to recognize the joy in my life - the things that bring real joy, not just temporary happiness.  okay, I may have some "happiness" things on my joy list [like a good piece of baklava or a cup of coffee], but these are things that sometimes just take me to a place of thankfulness and I highly suspect that a thankful heart is a joy-filled heart.

so all of this is my {#21}.

{#22} worship this morning - and having the opportunity to worship with a keyboard under my fingers.
{#23} reading to my boys tonight, telling them the story of joseph and the angel in his dream.
{#24} watching the boys play with their cousins - kids they only usually see twice a year ['cause they're really my cousin's kids!!]
{#25} ty learning how to use his new-to-him, old-to-me, found-in-a-cupboard iPod nano.

how is your joy ride going?

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