Tuesday, November 30, 2010

joyful, joyful we adore thee

grrr.  lost my post!  highly ironic, considering it's content!

so, THIS came to me in the night time, via email.  impeccable timing - never is it random, eh?  it has lead to some major thoughts pinging in my head.  mmmm.  thinking.  but I will take a pause to enjoy the coffee that my dear husband just walked into the house with.

I'm at home today - have a full physical booked with my dr.  fun.  super, duper fun!  so I've been finishing my christmas decorating.  the boys are assuming that there is candy in this advent calendar, but I actually hid my mini nativity pieces in it.  this is to coincide with the advent calendar I'll be doing with the kids this year:  THIS ONE!  lewis does good work and although he's not even sure how to explain the "christmas hens" sticker, I think it will be a good combination of teaching and celebration this advent season.

so, on the joy thing.  I need more joy.  joy in the anticipation of the season.  joy in slowing down and taking some deep breaths of cold air.  joy in giving.  joy in hospitality.  joy in belonging.  this season, as busy as it can get, needs to be reclaimed.  redone.  renewed.  so I am committing to one hundred joys.  [hashtag it on twitter #100joys]  I am also committing to a daily read through our devotional "reclaiming christmas".  one for my kids directly and two for me [and for my kids indirectly!!].  what can you commit to this advent season?

and I've asked it before, as it's becoming my focus question for this season, but what can you give to the King?  [y'all know that you are allowed to leave comments, right?  it's okay.  you can do it.  lol]

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