Monday, November 29, 2010

blister in the sun

well christmas exploded at our house.  we have people coming over on thursday night for a par-tay, so it needed to happen sooner than later!  with that and club tonight, I've been a busy girl!  I actually feel like I have my craft space set up in a way that I like.  or maybe more importantly, where I can find everything!  and I found my books.  and now they are nicely sitting on shelves.  I feel like this.  I like unpacking.  and sorting.  and throwing things in the trash.  and I like that christmas matches my house.  RED!  still have a tree to decorate, but that can happen tomorrow.

it was some kind of busy this past weekend - three birthday parties, a little football game, a soccer game, a sleepover and church.  phew.  it was busy, but it all got done.  this week and subsequently the weekend, are just as busy.  oh well, there isn't much I can do about it - I guess it's just a case of holding on for dear life and enjoying the ride.

and this quote from my lovely tv watching tonight is fairly appropriate:  "keep your wits sharp, your heart open and your gun loaded" [hetty from ncis: la]


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