Sunday, November 21, 2010

down by the riverside

I think I have a future blogger in my house.  ty came home with a journal on friday - something he can just work on, at his own pace at home.  yeah.  it's almost half full...all the things we did this weekend.  although I have to tell him how to spell most of the words, I don't help with the actual sentences or the illustrations.  nate never did this - never showed this much interest.  I LOVE THIS!!

 {I was build lego}

 {we are watching tv}

 {I went to a space science center}

{nate went to a soccer game}

the illustrations crack me up.  there are some SERIOUS hands on those soccer players.  and the eyes rock!!  he takes his journal and pencil everywhere.  the first two entries [not pictured!] were written in the car on the way home on friday after school.  the whole thing just warms my heart!

love you, ty-ty!

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swandive_pixie said...

Love it... you guys do a lot of stuff, man!