Monday, November 08, 2010

7 8 9

I should have written "7 ate 9".  that would be more fun!

so day one-ish of better eating.  overall good.  not perfect, but good.  I ate an apple today.  and carrots.  and a salad.  and a veggie burger.  and then I walked 4k in my first walking class tonight.  and I feel good.  there was also a gingersnap cookie this afternoon, but hey not perfect.

the whole re-training for a half marathon kind of scares me.  half marathons are brutal.  and amazing all at once.  I have a hard time training and managing my eating so that there is a balance between feeding my body and compensating for the huge amount of exercise - especially near the end.  oh well.  it's a good move and I'll might even manage two halves in 2011 for a total of one whole!!  I did that in 2009.  I could do a repeat performance.  I have a goal this time - a steady 9 minute kilometre.  that would put a finish time of around 3:15.  that would be happy.  I guess I'm not making a "work into it" plan but a full-on huge plan!  17 weeks until the hypo half.

okay, so really a boring day.  I have nothing else!  gonna go watch me some ace of cakes.  mmmmm.  cake.  mmmmm.  duff.  hehehe!

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