Tuesday, November 09, 2010

pollywog in a bog

if you're wondering, I'm in the b section tonight [and last] - the barenaked ladies.

so today was good.  and bad.  and now good again.  this whole "no sugar" thing is so incredibly good for me, but so incredibly difficult!  I held my ground all day and ate smart all day and really felt great.  I did a workout with my students this afternoon [HOLY AB WORK!].  then I picked up the kids and made dinner.  and this is where I went wrong.  I was right pissed at them and ate my stress.  ice cream.  then halloween candy.  which just spiralled into all sorts of cranky and nasty.  grrr.  the moral of the story:  when eat smart food and keep the sugar out I am a better, smarter, kinder person.  so after having a mini breakdown of stupidity, I drank some water, made a phone call, made some oatmeal and have just been sitting [and writing!].

and tomorrow will be super crazy, so my snacks are packed and I ma ready to go.  remembrance day ceremony at school tomorrow [my gig], appointment to see my counsellor tomorrow, go get ty in st albert, go for a run at my mom's...kinda glad thursday is a holiday.  and although I should be spending the weekend writing report cards, I get to spend it in Jasper with John.  good times.

good thing tomorrow is a new day.  fresh with no mistakes in it.  I like those kind of mercies - new every morning.

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