Thursday, November 04, 2010


holy depressing post yesterday, batman.  today - more sick, less funk.  ha!  okay, maybe it's the same funk with just a less pms and a less negative perspective.  and today, I tried to spend some time thinking and thanking for the things that I am grateful for.  I'll list a few:

1|  good friends who keep me accountable - physically, emotionally, spiritually.
2|  phenomenal colleagues who keep me humble
3|  insightful conversations with my husband - the unplanned, well timed kind
4|  my health.  it's a cold.  perspective is necessary here.
5|  grace.  when I feel unworthy, it's there.  when I need it, it's there.  when I am proud, it's there.
6|  ty and hubba bubba bubble gum.  he's been working hard on blowing "for real" bubbles and he finally has it.  LOVE!
7|  and a few quiet minutes where the house is clean, the boys are fed and I can just sit and reflect.

I could go on.  really I could.  but my short break is just that - short...

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