Wednesday, November 24, 2010

sing for me

and so it begins.  just a few more days left in november.  a few more days until the start of advent.  I want to celebrate advent with my kids this year, but I don't have anything formulated in my head yet.  I know I just have a few days to pull it together, but I am thinking that it may be an opportunity to mark a change in our traditions.  perhaps I need to scout out a wreath and some pillar candles - an easy fix that is a bit more sturdy than a traditional wreath.  that and a bible for each of the boys.  mmmmm.  see my head is moving.  I have great plans to set up christmas next week some time, but perhaps I will do it this weekend [between all the birthday parties, sleep overs and grey cup games!].

what do you do for advent?  how do you bring the real meaning of christmas home to your kids?

do I want to model a super hectic, super crazed, gift-based season?  no.  but that's what happens.  when really my focus needs to be "what can I bring to the king?".  I guess I have an opportunity to change it.  to redeem it for my kids.  to make it old-school.  things to ponder...

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