Wednesday, November 10, 2010

when the night feels my song

did a 3k tonight...30 lovely minutes of running and walking on the old treadmill.  it's good to be back in the race.  and it's good to be walking again.  and it was a good eating day too.  I totally stayed away from the chocolate and totally overdid it on the coffee!  HA!

and the remembrance day ceremony was a success.  I am lucky to work with such wonderful, flexible, supportive teachers.  seriously.  it's good to be in the room with soldiers currently serving and veterans who have served.  I had the honour of meeting a WW2 veteran today - a man who still had his joy.  it was a blessing to meet him.

and tomorrow, I am going to transcend coffee.  it's a bit of a coffee haven - with a whole lot of coffee love! I've had coffee everyday for the last few hundred days.  and in that time [okay, maybe a thousand days!] I have enjoyed good coffee, mediocre coffee, sludge [sorry, denny's!] and the absolute best cup of coffee I've ever had.  that would be the two days in a row, just a month ago, that I had an americano at seattle coffee works.  hands down the best coffee I've ever had [redundant, I know!].  well, transcend is the best I can find here in town.  SWEET!!

and then on friday after work, John and I are off to Jasper for the weekend.  alone.  no kids.  no laundry.  no floors that need to be washed.  nothing.  it's all good!

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susan said...

Transcend...good choice!
Their "Clover" coffee is quite nice and I have enjoyed it many times over thanks to a sweet gift certificate I got for my birthday. They have coffee tastings there too apparently.

Have a wonderful time in Jasper!! NO! :-)