Saturday, November 27, 2010

o come, o come emmanuel

on the eve of the night before the first sunday of advent, I've been trying to decide what to do to celebrate advent.  I really find that the christmas season, for as long as it is, is so bloomin' short.  I find it difficult to get into the spirit of the season - for me, I'm usually feeling it not until christmas eve, and then it's too late!  so this year, in an attempt  to put christ back into christmas, I am going to actively work at promoting advent in our house.  the four sundays leading up to christmas are going to be times to spend teaching the boys about giving.  not too sure what that's going to look like quite yet, since this sunday [tomorrow!] is grey cup sunday - I leave the house at 8am and won't see the kids again until after 9pm.  however, I could spend some time on monday.  busy is our current reality, so there isn't any purpose in fighting it.  but I can defer.  and reprioritize.  in the same vein, our church has created a daily devotional for the advent season.  if you go to the links on the right, there is one called "next".  then click on "our community" and there is a pdf file called "reclaiming christmas devotional 2010".  it's a great devotional for advent --- okay, not biased at all, considering I wrote two of the devotions.

so, to begin a celebration of sorts, a newish version of this old hymn:

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