Saturday, November 06, 2010

bad boys

no song titles.  nothing.  all I can say is that all my music had better transfer over from my time capsule.  I am the proud owner of a completely rusted, dead macbook.  yes, you heard it.  it gave a little sigh of a last breath this morning only to stop breathing all together.  turns out, when I had a mishap with some hot chocolate last fall, the damage was way deeper than just a mucked up disc drive.  there was dried up hot chocolate all up inside my lovely.  so yes, death by hot chocolate.

so, I went to the apple store tonight, picked up my dead mac and came home with a new macbook.  the same one I had, only newer.  and although I am thrououly struggling to get everything transfered over from my backup files, I am hopeful that it will all be well.

then, as I bought a peppermint hot chocolate to commemorate the passing of my companion, I had a thought on the brands I love and support and get generally mocked for.

starbucks and apple.  why do I love these brands?  it's more than just the product - and yes I adore their products.  it's also the experience.  both starbucks and apple have created an experience for their customers.  an experience that is relational and connective.  and cool.  there is a language that each employs.  and a culture.  when I stand in the apple store in my hometown, it is identical to the apple store in vegas.  and in vancouver.  and the people are equally as enjoyable to talk to.  they call me by my name and don't treat me like I'm stupid.  this is good customer service and excellent branding.  starbucks has, in essence, done the same thing.  a triple grande non-fat gingerbread latte is the same here as it is everywhere else.  and when I order a coffee in edmonton and reload the card I bought in pike place, I can have a conversation with the barrista and a laugh and just enjoy the connection.

so why can't we do this with church?  poor branding is killing us.

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