Monday, November 22, 2010

12:59 lullaby

generally I like mondays.  they are "get back into the swing of things" kinds of days.  today, not so much.  I am thinking it's a combination of super cold weather, a full moon and the damn riders making it to the grey cup, but what a start!

first, I am so incredibly thankful that john decided to make space in the garage for my wee car.  seriously, he texted me on saturday and I just about sat there and cried.  I hate my car [only in the winter!] when it's minus 30 and it takes half way to school just to get some heat happening.  it's a little tin bucket on wheels.  it's great for manoeuvring into little spaces [like my garage!!] and great for shifting down when you feel the slide happen under your tires, but it does not love the cold.  and my lovely husband cleared a big enough space for the wee wave to fit.  okay, so on the first try I couldn't open my doors, but he fixed that too!  so really, it never occurred to me, going from house to garage to car that it was MINUS 30 something outside.  yeah.  me in mittens, a vest and a sweater heading off down the henday to school.  S-M-A-R-T.  I think it was actually -35 with the windchill this morning [that's -31F, my american friends].  good, good times.  needless to say, we don't stay home from school on days like today.  oh no friends, we make our kids go to school, only we don't let them go outside to play.  that's right.  indoor recess.  all three of them.  sigh.  yeah, you see where this is going, right?  that and I was "in the office/teaching" all day.  good, good times.  LOL  now combine cold temperatures with the tail end of a full moon and we've got fun.  yeah, I may have torn a strip off a kid today.  no tolerance for crap.

wow.  that was a long "first".  and then there is football.  so john and I get to go to the grey cup on sunday.  the biggest party in canada.  the biggest football game in canada.  I've never been.  so we added on tickets to our season tickets this year, since edmonton is hosting.  I am super excited, but not so excited about my choices to cheer for.  they guys from the east or the guys who wear the wrong green.  and watermelons on their heads.  shit.  but it is suppose to warm up before sunday.  I can sit in the stands and drink hot chocolate if it's -5.  shucks, I may even enjoy some football at that temperature!  we're hoping to take the boys to the parade on saturday - hopefully we can make that happen.  being the mom of boys, with a sports-loving husband really means I'd better like sports too, because I'm going to be going along for the ride...I might as well enjoy it!

how was your monday??

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Brenda said...

Go Riders!