Saturday, November 13, 2010

waiting on an angel

so john and I are in jasper for the weekend.  it's his birthday on monday and I thought it'd be nice to get away, just the two of us.  we left after work yesterday and leave tomorrow morning.  so today we've just been hanging out, checking out the shops, getting coffee...that kind of fun stuff.  we're going for dinner tonight.  there may be wine involved.  this afternoon, I went for a walk by myself - with the running shoes, so it was a "for real" walk.  did about 4.5k.  I am suppose to do 7k this weekend, so if I add in the distance john and I walked this morning, I should be okay.  and hey, we have to walk to go for dinner this evening too, so I will be well over the 7k mark.  good times.

okay, and this lovely picture I took this morning.  john has been growing a moustache in support of "movember".  although he isn't raising money, he decided he'd grow one for moral support.  well the big joke in our house is that he looks like sgt. doakes from dexter.  and I think he looks like terrance howard from hustle & flow!  regardless, I'm glad this is a one month thing.  I am not too fond it!!

which one do you vote for??

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susan said...

I'm thinking Gordon from Sesame Street!!