Wednesday, November 17, 2010

hey jude

so today was an icky eating day.  except for tonight.  I discovered a new favourite.  okay, so I didn't really discover it today, but tonight, after my icky eating, I ate something clean.  lovely.  yummy.  I had bought some organic blue corn tortilla chips last week and tonight I had them with salsa and my new sour cream.  okay.  I've been eating fat-free sour cream for...well, forever.  so, in an effort to eat food that is better for me, I bought some locally made sour cream and yogert this week.  this stuff ROCKS!  it's not thinned out, runny crap.  it's yummy!  and only 60 cal for 2 tbsp.  give me this any day.

and I looked these guys up and they are my people.  yes, immigrated to Canada from Holland.  I like that.  plus, I can read all the ingredients on the label [okay, not the french part, but you get the idea!].  I like that too.

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