Tuesday, November 16, 2010

hard day's night

okay, so I figured out what I did with my computer.  I apparently double downloaded something and I currently have two profiles.  my old one and my new one.  my old one has all my playlists.  and email folders.  my new one, the one I spent hours getting set up to my specifications - no playlists and no email folders.  grrr.  double grrr.  LOL

I seem to take the hard route all the time.  macs are suppose to be easy.  well, apparently, they are too easy for me so I make it complicated.  I think I do this more often than I care to recognize.  and I guess my relationship with my computer is a metaphor for my life.  am I really that sad and predictable?  yep.  absolutely.  ha!  it's all come down to this - a split external drive and a trash can and never enough space on the hard drive to function at full speed.  totally sounds like me.  lots of apps, not enough memory.  I could go on.

in other news, I registered for the hypo half yesterday.  yes, I am walking a half marathon at the end of february.  in edmonton.  I must be smoking something.  holy wowzers.  did 4k last night with our class and I'm heading to my mom & dad's tomorrow after school to do 3-4k on the treadmill.  so far so good.  okay, so it would help if the halloween chocolate would go away. a bit too tempting.  I can't just have one piece.  it yells at me to come back for more.  damn it.  other than the tuesday night indiscretions, my whole "clean eating" endeavour is going pretty well.  not perfect, but not awful either.  it's feeling better.  other than the full on sugar cravings.  oh well, a bit of a work in progress.  I am not giving up.

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